Rebecca Black on Haters and ‘Glee’ Rumors (Video)

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“Friday” singer Rebecca Black has sent a message to all her haters, some of whom have gone so far as to issue death threats to her. She talked to “Extra’s” Mario Lopez about the issues she has faced since her video went viral on YouTube.


Rebecca Black's Message to Haters Plus 'Glee' Rumors (Video)Rebecca Black said, “Yeah, um, I think that’s kind of weird. Like, why would you—it’s a song! Like, it’s not like I ran for President and then I said something really bad. It’s a song about Fridays.”

Shortly after she discussed why it was so odd that the simple song “Friday” had elicited such strong responses around the nation, she also spoke about the possibility of the hit Fox show “Glee” doing her song on a future episode.

The 13-year-old was obviously overjoyed. She said she was a Gleek, and she was nearly speechless at the thought that her song may end up on the show soon. She hopes that Kurt sings her song.

What about you? Are you a Rebecca Black hater? What do you think about the “Glee” rumors?

Meanwhile… “It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday…”

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