Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ goes viral (Video)

Rebecca Black is trying to be the next big thing and her YouTube video has gone viral. The teenager is following in the footsteps on Justin Bieber (or at least trying to), by releasing songs on YouTube. Her song, Friday, was released online along with a music video which garnered over 6 million viewers in one month.


The Kim KardasSynesthesia days of the weekhian wannabe has a terrible voice and her song is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. Of course Rebecca Black is now getting all kinds of attention, and that was the point, right?

“According to website, Black’s Friday was produced by Ark Music Factory, an LA-based company which preys on wealthy stage parent wannabes, writing and producing pop songs for a fee,” the New York Daily News reports.

Ever since Bieber had such great success with his YouTube start, people are constantly putting their “talents” (or lack thereof) on YouTube in hopes of getting discovered. Rebecca Black may not have the best voice, but she sure made herself famous – even if it will only last a couple of days. Check out her video below.


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