Rebellion in our Lines

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by Don Ford



An angry dot was quickly spotted 

Running along the labyryinth 

Those dark corridors of my mind 


The T got crossed and mad 

He certainly looked T-eed off 

Time for a cup of my camomile 


Sorded letters got together 

Made a pact and vowed together 

Never to show their faces again 


As this writer – left in confusion 

Grasping for proverbial straws 

What is a teller of stories to do? 


These nits and bits I’m left with 

My thoughts all jumbled up 

Can’t find their place and space 


When I can’t work my lines out 

I lie there fretting alone in my bed 

And blood is rushing to my head 


Now the torment that I’m feeling 

Those words and lines fight me 

Taunt and laugh at me it seems 


I want to loudly scream and yell 

The ‘devil in the details’ laughs 

I think to quit – I’ve met my match 


The tea* I drank is working now 

Word and phrase start lining up 

All start to mind their Ps and Qs 


My Muse stopped by to offer aid 

To help to end all this confusion 

It seems they often listen to him 


Words and lines and phrases 

T-s with tops and I-s with dots 

Finally join to do their thing 


As the writer, I’m glad and smiling :) 

I couldn’t have done this all alone 

My Muse knew just what he must do 


(He knew what letters and words to choose)



Author Notes

*Maybe it was the tea that helped me relax and that summoned the Muse to my side. I usually drink a flavored green tea such as lemon or mint. It’s good for what ails you. I remember that my eye was paining me something awful and the thought of green tea came to me. I don’t know why I did it, but I put my eye over the steam from the tea and it was soothing. Then I notice the pain was gone completely. I suffered with this eye ache for an hour. I drink the tea with a sore throat and it helps to calm that too. They say green and black teas have been used for centuries as a favorite drink in the Far East. Their medicinal qualities have yet to be fully tapped. 


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