Recap: Brittani Kline Wins ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Cycle 16

From day one on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16, Brittani Kline had something special going on. Photo after photo, she showed off a new side of her personality, and once she got the page-boy haircut? She rocked it even more.

America's Next Top ModelBut that doesn’t mean she’s been without ANTM competition, especially after her big meltdown with Alexandria. The judges, Tyra Banks in particular, lost a bit of faith in their chosen one, and it showed. Brittani started to slip, meaning her win was anything but assured.

After all, Molly was fierce competition. As judge André Leon Talley says, Molly knows how to work her body and her angles. She, too, took stellar photo after stellar photo.

Yet, Brittani put it best in the America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 finale on May 18th, 2011: “Attitude shows a lot in photographs.” And Molly isn’t always the most optimistic person. But after Molly’s adoptive parents showed up, Molly lit up. It was something special to see, and this moment taught Tyra a lot about both the contestants.

After all, Molly’s mom didn’t come due to her anxiety and recent back surgery. Tyra, it seemed, suddenly saw Brittani in a new light; the host told Brittani that’s the kind of strength girls need in this industry. From the moment those words left Tyra’s mouth, the top prize clearly belonged to Brittani… even after she slipped on rose petals and fell on the runway. Or perhaps even because she fell? Because she did stand right back, get her ankle wrapped, and go right back out for the final walk. That’s just who Brittani is.

But that’s not all that happened in this hour-long finale. The girls sat down with IMG Models’ Ivan Bart again, and he was impressed with both of them. The ANTM finalists also did the requisite CoverGirl commerical and print ad, shot by Pierpaolo Ferrari, but while both had their merits, Brittani looked genuine in every shot. She was quirky and fun throughout, as she has been through most of the season.

Brittani and Molly also took some shots for Vogue Italia with Fashion Editor Valentina Serra looking on. While Molly lost all her energy and edge, Brittani shone, yet again.

Despite Brittani edging out Molly in just about every category in the finale, the judges pretended their choice hadn’t been made. Or perhaps they wanted to do one last shocking thing; Tyra had both Molly and Brittani’s hair chopped real short to put them on more of an “even playing field” for judging. That’s a joke. She just wanted to torture them one last time.

As the judges said as they “discussed” who should win, Brittani is capable of giving something different every time. Molly has a harder edge to her that she hasn’t quite lost; she’s still, obviously, a great model, but not America’s Next Top Model.

That honor belongs to Brittani Kline, who promises to be a role model. In the final moments of the finale, she said that she thought about giving up, but she didn’t, and here she is! Brittani won!

Congrats to Brittani, and here’s hoping we’ll see more of her, not just in Vogue Italia.

America’s Next Top Model returns with an all-star cast in the Fall for Cycle 17.

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