Recap: ‘The Secret Circle’ Finds a Traitor in Their Midst

This week, The Secret Circle discovered they have a traitor in their midst. However, before they discover who it is, they come together to help Cassie mourn the death of her grandmother, Jane.

Charles Meade killed the elder Blake by mistake last week, thinking he was killing John Blackwell instead. The two men decide to cover up the murder by pinning it on the witch hunters.

Adam and Cassie come together for a brief instant during the wake. They almost rekindle their lost love. However, Cassie quickly regrets their kiss, knowing it will make it harder for her to forget about Adam. He wants to forget about it too because he fears the curse that supposedly surrounds their love.

Still, the duo are part of the circle and they must work together to find all six of the crystals. They believe re-assembling them into the crystal skull will give them protection against the witch hunters.

So far they have four crystals. Blackwell helps them develop a map to find the remaining two. One is quickly found, but the other remains masked. They think it is the crystal belonging to Adam’s grandfather.

Faye suspects her mother has their family crystal. She plots with Jake to find it. They succeed, albeit by mistake. They think they’re stealing drugs from Dawn’s purse, but inside the prescription bottle, they find the crystal instead.

Realizing it’s drained of power, they must assemble the circle to reactivate it. But Diana resists doing that. Finding out she was Blackwell’s biological daughter hasn’t pleased her. She confronts Charles, who says he doesn’t care. She’ll always be his daughter. Then, he makes plans to take her away from Chance Harbour and John Blackwell.

Dawn confronts Charles about his plans after Blackwell seeks her help in stopping him. She eventually convinces him to stay to help her fight for their children. But is she just playing him?

Eventually, Diana gives in and joins The Secret Circle to reactivate the crystal. But before that happens, something shakes the house and suddenly the crystal disappears. Jake thinks the witch hunters did it and decides to contact Issac the witch hunter for help.

It isn’t Isaac that shows up when Jake calls. It’s Ian. The younger hunter tells Jake that Eben killed Isaac. He tells the circle there is a traitor in their midst.

Meanwhile, Adam and Melissa go to his grandfather’s house to find the last crystal. After a few drinks, he remembers a magic trick his grandfather use to do for him, involving a coin. He gets the coin and manages to recreate the trick, masking the coin from sight. Then, by reading the words on the back of it, he’s able to unmask it as well.

The unmasking spell also reveals a secret compartment in his grandfather’s house. However, the crystal isn’t found there. So Melissa and Adam head back to Blackwell’s house to consult the map once again. This time it works because the crystal is no long masked.

They trace the path to an old carnival site. Splitting into groups, Cassie and her new-found sister, Diana go one way while Faye and Jake go another. At first, they find nothing. Then Jake uncovers Ian’s body on a carnival ride. When the lights go on, he sees that all the witch hunters are dead.

Cassie spots the culprit and she and Diana take off after him. Cassie starts to use dark magic to stop him, but Diana stops her. So she knocks him down instead. That’s when the sisters discover that the traitor is Nick, who was supposedly dead.

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