Recap: Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 11 [Video]

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Last week, Ugly Betty moved to an all new spot on Wednesday night, and some might not know that. Betty is now settling into her new time slot of 10/9c on ABC, and tonight’s episode was called Back In Her Place. In this episode, we see Betty recount what she think is her worst week ever to her former landlord. During the week, she has had one bad thing after another happen to her. Mostly due to Wilhelmina sending her off to write pointless article after pointless article. Betty wants to actually write something inspiring to people, but she will not be able to do that while working at Mode. Wilhelmina wants Betty to write about shoes, skin care products, and things for the hair.

Each assignment only puts Betty in more harm. First, when she twists her ankle wearing the stilettos Wilhelmina wants her too. Then she burns her skin using the skin product Wilhelmina wants, and lastly her hair explodes into a huge puff ball when she uses the hair product. All of these are minor things though. The kicker to the week is Matt deciding he wants to go on a humanitarian tour of Africa after Betty inspires him after she takes her ideas and her writing to her own personal blog. She happens to inspire him to do something and get out there. The tour means six months in Africa though, and we know these two just worked out their relationship issues. She isn’t too thrilled at first, and Matt almost changes his mind. However, on her second thought, she pushes him to go. This could mean the end of the two of them though, and one tearful good-bye by the end of tonight’s episode.

Why is she telling all of this to her landlord though? Apparently, Amanda and Marc moved out of Betty’s apartment. The two moved across the hall into a larger one, but no one told Betty. No one paid the rent on Betty’s apartment either. This sets off the landlord, but Betty confronts Amanda. Surprisingly, Amanda comes through. She sells some of her hair extensions to pay the back rent, but it looks like she didn’t have to. After Mr. Z hears Betty’s story, he lets Betty have back her apartment, and once again Betty is trying to start a new life for herself in the city. This time without Matt.

How will her family react to this news? That remains to be seen. Hilda has her own issues to deal with. New motherhood when she is almost done raising Justin isn’t settling well with her, and Bobby tries to cheer her up with Hilda week. Before the week is even done though, she realized she has landed herself a good man and a potentially great father for her child. We’ll have to see if that stays the same as time goes. I hope it does because Adam Rodriguez makes a good addition to the cast.

As for Mode, Marc is still working with Daniel. However, he keeps making one mistake after another. Daniel is first upset by this, but we soon see there is a method to Marc’s madness. He did everything on purpose to get Daniel back in the spotlight and on top of his game. Wilhelmina and Daniel are sharing Marc for now. Will that last long? No idea, but what didn’t last long here is Wilhelmina and Connor. Even with her visiting him in jail and proposing marriage to him, she ends up alone. He thinks her being tied down to a man that is in jail isn’t good for her. So he pretends to have himself transferred with the help of the prison guards. He does it because he loves her, but she is devastated. Will she ever figure it out? Check out a scene from tonight’s episode below.

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