Reconciliation for Farrah Abraham and Marcel Kaminstein?

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Fans of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham were thrilled when they found out she was dating a new (and older) man, Marcel Kaminstein. She would often tweet about him and they seemed to be happy, Kaminstein even spending time with two-year-old Sophia. The two did not last though.

Some wondered if the age difference had anything to do with the split. Farrah is only 20 years old while Marcel was 34 years old. That is a pretty big age gap for any couple, but was it what did the pair in? Not according to Marcel who said, “We are from very different places.”

The two ended on good terms, though, so is there any hope for a reconciliation? While Farrah hasn’t spoken out about that, Marcel gave his opinion saying, “I don’t see any possibility for reconciliation.”

There was speculation that Farrah used Marcel to possibly further her ventures, but it’s unclear how true that is. It’s a shame to see that the pair split-up, but in Farrah’s situation, she has to make sure that she does what is best for both her and her daughter.

Farrah Abraham shouldn’t swear off of older men completely. While Marcel may not have been right for her, it doesn’t mean she can’t make it work with another older man. Farrah is in a situation that not many 20 year olds are in, and finding a man her own age who is ready to take on all of that responsibility would be difficult. Whether she ends up with someone her own age or someone older, she and Sophia’s happiness is all that matters.

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