Recycling aluminum has paid off for us

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I decided about two months ago to start saving any aluminum that I got. Tracy even decided to pitch in and help by going through trash cans at truck stops and rest areas and anywhere else he stopped while out on the road.

He brings home anywhere from one large black trash bag full to seven or eight. He doesn't normally crush them as we have a can crusher in the basement for that, unless the cans are too large to go in it.

He has even picked up heat sinks from computers, an old radiator was given to us for recycling, several pieces of steel that has had fallen of of trucks and some other stuff.

We decided today that since we had nine full black trash bags of crushed cans we would go to the scrap yard and sell them. We also took two white trash bags with other types of aluminum, pie plates, foil, cat food cans, etc, but they don't accept those anymore.

After unloading everything and getting it all weighed, they gave us a reciept to take to the office so we could get paid. Here is the breakdown on the reciept.

Commodity                  Gross      Tare     Net     Rate        Total 

Clean Aluminum                                     15       0.62        9.30

Painted Alum.                                        29       0.57        16.53

Aluminum Cans                                      170     0.67        113.90

Painted Alum.                                         6        0.57         3.42

Tin                             4780         4700    80      0.0300      2.40


I am not sure why there are two Painted Alum. on the reciept unless the aluminum was two different types, and Tin must be selling the same as Steel. But over all, the total recieved in a check was $145.55!!! Not bad for my husband's "dumpster diving" for aluminum cans, huh? The way we see it, people are just leaving us free money!

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