Red Carpet Reviews: Celebrity Fashion Ratings from the SAG Awards by UK Stylist Michaela Jedinak

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Stylist Michaela Jedinak (who I spoke to on the phone about all these different reviews) is doing reviews on the red carpet fashion looks from the SAG Awards  for WAY cool information from someone who really knows her stuff and can give you the details of what works and doesn’t work.

 Stars have been increased to a potential of SIX stars in case of STELLAR and scene-stealing performances in a fashion presentation!

 Amanda Bynes

Colour: Fabulous colour for her. The teal is in the right shade for her and the silver embellished lifts it all and sits also away from her face, so it is not clashing with her warmer complexion .

Shape: The empire dress gives her nice waist and she is tall enough to carry off the lower billowing part. Still this type of Empire Dress with all its embellishment at the top and waist is better worn by someone more flat chested. Her nice décolleté is competing with the embellishment at the top half and therefore it looks too busy.

 Style: Her hairstyle and accessories are complementing nicely the style and colour of the dress.

Overall Rating:**** — FOUR Stars/ possible 6 amandabynes_brittanysnow.jpg

Brittany Snow

Colour: Looks great on her especially since the dress sits lower than her hair.

Shape: Beautiful tailored to her body and fabulous choice for her body shape and petite scale. She leaves her look uncluttered and shows off her décolleté without overexposing. It is gives her classy and sexy feel.

Style: Though this type of dress has been worn by others before, it is a good example to stick with what looks best on you. The red lipstick is softening by her hair style and it gives it all an effortless glamorous look spot on for the occasion.

Overall rating:***** Five Stars


America Ferrera

Colour: Bad, bad and one more time very bad! Firstly that colour as a solid one is far too light for her and draining her and setting her body shape in the wrong light. Secondly it would have looked better in an embellished version, so it could have been confused for a cloth and thirdly did no one notice that this is a young girl and not a mature woman to put her in such a garment?

Shape: The shoulder detail builds a nice frame with her thighs, so her waist looks balanced and is also put nicely into focus. Good choice of dress for someone who is high waisted. The off the shoulder detail works for her, but who wants to see more of this dress?

 Style: Well, the hairstyle is kept mousy and so it in line with this dreadful colour. How could someone dress such a young and beautiful actress not only in such a dress but with such an ageing, draining hair style? Overall Rating:* One Star ( Shape great-but colour and hairstyle are really the killer here!)


Michaela Jedinak is the founder of JOY OF COLOUR, The Colour and Style Consultancy. She work as a stylist and personal shopper in London and internationally. Michaela offeres one on one consultations and is now providing online and interactive services who live far away or don’t have the time to come in for personal consults. works with women and men at all age groups.

Check out Michaela’s commentaries here on– she’s spot on when it comes to the pluses and minuses of an outfit.

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