Red in the fog of memory, for Friday Writing Essentials MOS

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Red flowers peeking out through fog

We walked fast because it was cold

But he loved the gardens and my best friend was his guide.


He took us back to his student flat

For coffee and “Daddies chocolate chip cookies”

The expensive kind, but he had no sugar or milk to put in our drinks.


Then he loaned me a book which I guess was a way

To make sure we’d meet again

So we did.


I cheated. I used four of the five adjectives but flat came out as a noun. It’s the English in me.

For this prompt, I want you to tell me the story of how you met your spouse(s)( :-)). And I want you to use four of the following adjectives:

  • Red
  • Fast
  • Rusty
  • Expensive
  • Flat

DON’T use these words (gotta make it exciting :-)):

  • Romantic
  • Dinner
  • Meet/met
  • Sweet
  • Husband/wife

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