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ok so i have been a member of mypoints since jan 13 2007 and have never redeemed my points till now.  i had 11272 points . i redeemed enough points on tuesday for  a 25 dollar gift card at walmart. i have plans to buy a battery charger on line with it . i found out its cheaper to buy stuff form then the actual store.  then last night i had went to the greyhound website to see how much it would cost for a bus ticket to send Tony to las vegas to get our stuff from storage. i found out that anything bought now for travel between feb 6 to march 27 is 119. anything after that is 108 but if i get the ticket for feb 5th it is 33.00 yippee . so i signed him up for roadrewards which gives him an extra 10% off so that now would make that ticket 30.00. hopefully Tony will have his new card soon cause i would need to purchesss the ticket 10 plus days in advance to get that low price. I would have to transfer the money after the first of january in to his account to avoid the gift charges. so lastnight i went back on to mypoints and redeemed anthor 25 dollar walmart card plus a 10 dollar burger king gift card. total points redeemed 10600.  i was told 2 to 6 weeks for the cards to arrive so hopefully they will arrive before that if not i will send him with the gift card that his dad sent us for christmas which arrived yesterday. it is a 50 dollar wal mart card. we were planing on buying wall-e with it but i bought a prepaid trac phone through wal-mart for 10 dollars . it includes double minutes for life. oh i also redeemed enough for a 10 dollar wal-mart gift card.what i will do the next time i go to walmart is see if i can use the giftcard to buy smaller gift cards. then i will use the smaller ones to buy wall-e and my battery charger. hopefully by that time they will have wall-e in stock on line. i only want to send 25 dollars with him so he can eat while he is down there.cant send actual money cause we dont have enough. basicaly we will be going down on a wing and a pyayer and will have to pay for his way back by selling the things we no longer need or want. so that we may get the stuff that we need back up to oregon.



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