Reese Witherspoon Goes Topless in ‘This Means War’ (SFW)

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Reese Witherspoon has a history of being that funky girl next door who is not quite pretty enough to be ugly. Or something like that. With Legally Blonde, she broke through as an actress and a sex symbol.

But the outfits she wore in the movie, and the successful sequel, always pandered to the fashion idea that more is less. Guys (and gals?) who like the type have always wondered just what was under all those prissy accessories.

Not any more.

In her latest movie, This Means War, Reese Witherspoon has finally put an end to all the speculation. Are they real? Are they stuffed? Did she ever have a boob job?

In a screen grab posted to BuzzFeed (which has the look of being first ripped from Mr. Skin) a grainy topless shot leaves nothing left to the imagination.

And to quote an old Seinfeldism: “They’re real. And they’re spectacular!”

Interested? Thought so. Have a look by clicking here.

And, oh yeah… totally NSFW…

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