Reese Witherspoon Says Robert Pattinson Love Scenes Were a Downer

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Reese Witherspoon says that she did not enjoy the love scenes with Robert Pattinson in “Water for Elephants.” Instead, she slams Robert Pattinson for not having proper hygiene, and says that she had to suffer throughout the love scenes. Can anyone imagine that a love scene with R-Patz would not be the ultimate in a woman’s life? However after hearing what Witherspoon has to say, maybe Kristen Stewart is suffering through her “Twilight” movies.

One does not think about a lover like Robert Pattinson having a cold, but that is what “Water for Elephants” leading lady said. “Rob possibly had the most hideous horrible cold of any co-star I’ve ever had to do a love scene with ever in my entire life. He was literally snorting and snotting through every second of it — and it was not appealing. I’m talking green, infectious, disgusting — I’m not kidding!” That sounds awful.

Then, she went on to slam Pattinson and said about the love scene, “I’m going to say it’s a little bit of a downer. I was a little disappointed. It wasn’t sexy.”

Reese Witherspoon may have a point. A snotty nose is not sexy, but what about the rest of the man’s charms? Robert Pattinson is a man whom millions of women fantasize about in the their dreams, but after reading Reese Witherspoon’s complaints, those women might have second thoughts. No man is sexy through snot and improper hygiene. 



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