Reese Witherspoon Stops Carrying Python Bag after PETA complains

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Some celebrities will wear whatever they want whenever they want regardless of what people say – good or bad. Reese Witherspoon is clearly a people pleaser – and it not a believer in ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ – as she is spotted without an accessory that PETA gave her some heat for.

Many know Reese as one of America’s ‘sweetheart actresses’, and she is living up to that reputation. Witherspoon was recently spotted in various places carrying a python bag (yes, real python) and came under fire by PETA. This should come as no surprise as PETA looks for celebrities to be role models and animal rights’ activists, and when they slip up PETA does not hesitate to call them out publicly. Typically they get celebrities that wear fur, especially rare furs, but lately it seems as though they will get upset over anything. Yes, animals are cute, but what happened to the circle of life? Or the food chain? We are all animals, animals kill animals, but that’s not good enough for PETA. And unfortunately for Reese Witherspoon, she carried a bag they did not approve of.

Many celebrities do comply with PETA – and are even advocates for PETA – but others don’t let it control their lives. More recent photographs show Reese being one of those complying with PETA, as she has been spotted recently sans python handbag. Perhaps it’s for the best; PETA is happier and the population should be happier as hopefully this means snake-skin won’t be back as a trend – way too early 2000s to be considered a good trend, it can stay gone for a while.

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