Reg Traviss: Amy Winehouse was ‘Happy’ the Week She Died

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Amy Winehouse is dead and her boyfriend, Reg Traviss still doesn’t understand why. One thing Reg is sure of though is that Winehouse was “happy” the week that she suddenly and shockingly passed away.

My sketch of Amy Winehouse on TwitpicIt is now about three months since news of singer Amy Winehouse’s death dominated the news cycle. The 34-year-old film director, Traviss, felt like his relationship with the oft-troubled singer was headed in the right direction and that she was happy.

Things were just going really, really well… in many respects, things were perfect and going really, really well so yes, that makes [Amy’s death] more of a shock… She was happy, relaxed, she was just normal Amy and doing the normal things she would do every day…

In a recent interview, Reg Travis goes on to discuss that Amy Winehouse was starting to keep better care of herself physically and spiritually. She was headed to the gym with regularity and had reestablished a ‘religious routine.’

While many people were looking (or assuming) that Winehouse’s death was due to her long-time battle with substance abuse, Traviss actually was shocked because he seem to think she had turned a corner. Clearly what he saw of Winehouse in her last few days was a happier artist who was putting life back together.

Unfortunately for fans, the world will never experience the ‘happy’ Amy Winehouse, the one Reg Traviss experienced in her last week on Earth.

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