Reg Traviss Still Has “Bad Days” After Amy Winehouse Death

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Is it surprising that Reg Traviss has some ‘bad days’ mixed in with the good since girlfriend Amy Winehouse died back in July? So where is Reg turning to help with his issues? Therapy? Nope! How about working at a foundation in Amy Winehouse’s honor?

Reg Traviss has devoted a ton of time and energy to Amy’s foundation. This perhaps may be the best therapy of all. The combination of helping others and working with a foundation puts him about as close to Winehouse as he can be.

It was Amy’s father Mitch who established the charity in Winehouse’s memory. It is geared to helping children and young adults, who are ill, disabled, financially disadvantaged, or are suffering from addiction.

In a recent interview about Amy, Reg Traviss put it best, that he still is not dealing well with his loss:

You have good days and you have bad days, to be honest. Most of my days at the moment are, ‘I can’t believe it days.’ The past two weeks have been f***ing s**t to be perfectly honest with you. One thing that’s been helping me and helping her family is the work we’re doing with the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

As Reg Traviss works though the pain of losing his girlfriend, Amy Winehouse, hopefully he can find comfort in trying to help someone else that is in Amy’s position. This might be the most therapeutic thing of all, and may help heal the wounds of losing a loved one.

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