Reggie Bush and January Gessert Affair

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It sems like even the Kardashians aren’t immune to the barrage of affairs that have plastered the front pages of celebrity magazines this week. Right TV is reporting that Reggie Bush carried on an affair with California waitress January Gessert while still courting Kim. Needless to say, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have called it quits, due in part to the sordid affair.

January Gessert was reportedly seen with Reggie Bush at red Rock on the Sunset Strip on March 16, and then again at his home in the Hollywood Hills later that evening. She was seen leaving Bush’s home alone the next morning.

A representative for Reggie Bush has stated that January Gessert is a “friend of a friend,” noting that no affair was taking place. Some friends of both Gessert and Kardashian claim the real reason the couple called it quits was because Kim Kardashian wanted to get married, but Reggie Bush did not.

Who knows what the real story is? Infidelity is running rampant in the tabloids and celebrity magazines and sites these past few days. My fear is that all the media hype is actually making it fashionable to cheat.

What do you think? Are cheaters running in greater abundance or is it simply the media’s slant on things that are bringing it all to the forefront?

Do you think an affair between Reggie Bush and January Gessert played a major role in the breakup between Bush and Kim Kardashian?

Or are you like me……willing to peruse the topic for a minute or two; but not invested in it nearly enough to give it much thought?


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