Reggie Bush dating Kim Kardashian look alike still

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Reggie Bush is still dating Kim Kardashian look-alike, Melissa Molinaro. You may know her from the popular Old Navy commercials that gained her the title of “the girl who looks like Kim Kardashian.”

The two wReggieBush2005ere photographed out at Playhouse in Hollywood on Friday night, and when you first see the photos, you may do a double-take to ensure that Bush isn’t dancing with Kimmy K! It’s so silly that he’s dating this girl because it seems obvious that he’s still obsessed with Kim. It’s really lame actually.

You have to wonder if this is some way Bush feels he can get back at Kim. You don’t just date someone who looks exactly like your ex coincidentally. It would be interesting to find out how these two met – and if Molinaro feels as though she is being “used” in some way. This scenario makes Bush look like a loser, and no one is going to believe that these two have something real.

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