Reggie Bush Turning Down Women: Waiting for Kim Kardashian?

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After the news broke yesterday that Reggie Bush may be interested in speaking with Kim Kardashian again once she returns from Australia, a new report is surfacing that Reggie is turning down other women. A report from Page Six claims that Reggie was out with the boys on Wednesday night, most likely to clear his head from all of the pressure and teasing he has been subject to from his teammates after Kim’s divorce made headlines.

Reggie’s teammates from the Miami Dolphins have reportedly been teasing him about getting back with Kim. “Now is your chance to get in on that again,” players have been saying to Reggie, according to Hollywood Life.

During his night out with the boys, Reggie Bush seemed “oddly disinterested in the women at Miami Beach’s Delano” the report states. His friends even had to ask the ladies to kindly leave because Reggie didn’t want to talk to any of them. Hollywood Life‘s recently published a report that Kim and Reggie Bush kept in touch despite breaking up, so perhaps Reggie has decided to wait for her.

Should Kim and Reggie Bush get back together?

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