Reggie Bush Won’t Take Kim Kardashian Back Because of Her Family

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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are reportedly in contact again. However, the Miami Dolphins running back allegedly won’t take the reality TV star back, because of her overbearing family.

According to reports, Kim Kardashian, who’s in the process of divorcing NBA Baller, Kris Humphries, wants to get back together with her former flame, Reggie Bush, but that’s not happening. (Does she ever stay single?)

Reggie is talking to Kim, but a reconciliation and/or love connection is not currently in the cards. They still have some major differences that Reggie is unable to get over,” said one insider, who added that The Kardashian family (A.K.A. Kris Jenner’s organized money makers.) is the big cause for Kim and Reggie’s differences. “He doesn’t like being in the Kardashian umbrella where all his moves are controlled and manipulated.”

So, it seems that if Kardashian wants to reunite with Bush she’ll have to distance herself from her famous family. It’s understandable why Reggie doesn’t want to be sucked into the Kardashian drama, but if he and Kim really love each other, they’ll make it work. Do you think Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush should get back together?

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