Rehab center is Michael Lohan’s “calling”

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It will never stop. Ever.

Michael Lohan has been trying to cash in on his daughter’s downward spiral for-ev-er. The guy has done countless interviews on television and in magazines and most recently, he’s allegedly tried to sell hand written letters that Lindsay kept in a sort of diary when she was in rehab in 2007.SOUTHAMPTON, NY - AUGUST 18: Michael Lohan looks on after an arraignment at the Southampton Town Justice Court on August 18, 2010 in Southampton, New York. Lohan is facing charges that he kicked and threatened to kill his former fiancee. (Photo by John W. Ferguson/Getty Images)

Well now that LiLo is out of rehab and back on her own two feet, Papa Lohan is looking for his next big move, and he thinks he’s got it. He reportedly wants to open a rehab center. Oh joyous.

“After seeing what my daughter, myself, and other people I know have been through, it has led me to realize this is my calling and purpose in life” he tells Us Weekly. But that’s not even the best part. Lohan continues to say that “the basis of the rehab will be that there is a God; that good conquers evil; that the best way to live is to treat others like you want to be treated; and treat your body like a temple.”


Photo: John W. Ferguson/Getty Images

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