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I am here at my computer,


and around the corner I can hear


the sound of two men talking


it is music to my ear



It is the stepson and the step dad


chatting after dinner


just little chit chat going on


camaraderie is the winner



The mother and the wife of each


has been gone for many years


but I know somewhere in heaven


she is smiling though her tears



To know these two have bonded


In such a wonderful way


I know in her heart she's singing


and I can hear her say



Thank you Lord for giving me


such a wonderful man in my life


He is taking care of my son for me


And I loved being his wife



Since you had a need for me


and I answered your loving call


I want to thank you for everything


My child has a dad, and he still needs him


though he's now big and tall.



This is a tribute to Step parents everywhere,

God Bless you all.





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