Relatives of Titanic Passengers and Crew Members Set Sail

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One hundred years after the sinking of the RMS Titanic, relatives of the passengers and crew will gather to set sail from Southampton on April 8, 2012: the Titanic’s original port of call and the date it set sail.

The passengers and crew of the ship, a cruise ship called the Balmoral, will sail to the spot where the ship sank and hold a special ceremony at the exact hour of its sinking to honor and commemorate their relatives and those who did not survive. Relatives say this will be a wonderful way to honor those whose lives were lost. On board will be Phillip Littlejohn, grandchild of Titanic survivor Alexander Littlejohn, who was the first relative of a survivor who participated in a dive to the wreckage.

This memorial will certainly be a moving and meaningful experience for those who were affected by the tragedy, as its legacy continues even 100 years later. This will be a wonderful way to commemorate those who did not survive, especially remembering those who have no one left to remember them.

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