Release Your Brilliance (Review of Chapter 1)

I was sent this book Release Your Brilliance, by Simon T. Bailey, from the Collins Group here on Gather. They requested that I write a review.

I received the book early this month & today was the 1st day I opened it & started reading.

It is rare that I would ever write a review just based on the first chapter, but there were some very good points made that caused me to reflect on myself & see the connection.

The cover says "The 4 steps to transforming your life & revelaing your genius to the world.

Chapter one does cover some of the authors personal journey to discovering his brilliance, and how his own life was transformed.

Releasing your brilliance means releasing the genius within you. It's living from the inside out-finding your inner light and letting it shine for all the world to see.

He points out that people are born brilliant & then spend the rest of thier lives having that brilliance buried or snuffed out of them.

Even pointing out how just going to school as a child does so. Being told "color inside the lines", "do it this way", "That's a dumb question" continues to cloud us over, burying our brilliance more & more.

Author R.S. Ingersoll once said, "Colleges are places where pebbles are polished and diamons are dimmed."

This one section really brought some of this home to me. Talking about how most of the time we end up basically another "zebra in the herd". We experience breif moments of brilliance. Moments where we catch a glimpse of our destiny & we feel fully alive – energized, connected, excited for life.

The most frustrating feeling is when you touch, or see that brilliance and then have it slip away from you. I really connected with that.

We all have dreams, why must they be dreams? Why aren't we trying harder to reach those dreams? Because we don't have the money, the ability, the book learning? Everything can be overcome and we can reach those dreams, we just need to release our Brilliance.

Simon T. Bailey ends Chapter 1 with these key points:

Reawaken to why you were born into this time.

Rekindle the fire of hope, life, love, hapiness, and belief.

Recover every once of spirtual energy that has leaked out of you.

Renew your faith to walk through new doors of opportunity

Reconnect to your unique gifts and create your future.

To often in life we wait for someon to give us permission to do something. Stop waiting, release your Brilliance now~

I don't know if I will feel the desire to write a review again before the end of the book, but please watch for further review(s) on this eye-opening book.

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