Religions are “Scams” Says American Atheists Ad

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The new American Atheists Ad attacks religions as scams. Obviously, there are some people who find that line of assault quite offensive.

The billboard was put up over the weekend in Huntsville, Alabama, and it reads “You know they’re all scams.” Along with the words, the billboard also had religious symbols including the cross, the Jewish star and Islamic crescent moon with star. Finally, at the end they included a tagline that said, “telling the truth since 1963.”

The American Atheists Ad was at least had equal opportunity by including several popular religions. The group acknowledges that the ad that attacks religions as scams would probably make people angry. However, they put up the billboard attacking religions in order to draw the so-called closet atheists out of the closet. They wanted these people to feel like they could stop pretending and start living their lives in the open. That’s an interesting way of looking at it.

The scam that AA says religions are is defined as a ploy to raise money or an attempt to intentionally mislead people to achieve financial gain. The group claims that “all religions make money and power from their flock.”  In addition, American Atheists believe that “all religions make lots of promises about an afterlife that doesn’t exist.” To them, religion ultimately tells people a good story.

In addition to helping closeted atheists, the group is also advertising their upcoming Huntsville regional conference. Aren’t they at risk of becoming a religion themselves if they are holding things like conferences and raising money to place billboards? They are just working at making people angry – a recent ad attacked Christmas as a myth. What do you think? Is this actually an attempt by the group to gain some notoriety and possibly raise some money?  Why else would the American Atheists ad attack religions as scams?

American Atheist Ads Attack Religions Saying They Are Scams - Why?

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