Remembering Peter Steele of Type O Negative One Year Later

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On April 14th, 2011, the world said goodbye to Peter Steele of Type O Negative, a heavy metal band whose music inspired millions. One year later, fans banded together on the anniversary of his death on the bandÂ’s official forums, Facebook page, and other social sites for the purpose of commiserating and remembering Peter SteeleÂ’s legacy and the soul-wrenching, inspiring music he left behind. He was only 48 years old, but he had already etched a place for himself among the greatest songwriters and vocalists of the Heavy Metal genre.

News of the singer’s unexpected death circulated in the wee hours of the morning, sparking a frenzy spanning Facebook and Twitter as fans grasped with the news of the untimely end to Type O NegativeÂ’s lead singer and bassist. The band, often regarded as a Gothic heavy metal, was only one avenue with which Pete Steele shared his talent with the world. He also played for the Metal group Fallout, and formed the Thrash group Carnivore. As one of the four musicians in Type O Negative, he enjoyed nine albums, including Bloody Kisses and October Rust, plus the hits collection Least Worst Of.

On the one-year anniversary, countless fans have reached out to each other online. The fans’ unofficial Facebook page, maintained by a fan of the group, organized a call for fan art to be displayed in the groupÂ’s photo album. Dozens of pieces were contributed, and every few minutes, another one of the nearly 200,000 fans visits the groupÂ’s wall to post their memories, condolences, and utter sense of loss even after a year has passed. Twitter posts full of #TypeONegative and #PeterSteele tags were Tweeted and re-Tweeted throughout the day, and many fans once again found themselves on the bandÂ’s official forums to grieve with each other.

But not all of the memories shared on the one-year anniversary of Steele’s death have been mournful. Many visitors to the various websites extended stories of the first time they listened to Type O Negative’s music, or the many ways which Steele’s talent changed their lives. METALSUCKS, a website devoted to anything and everything Heavy Metal, posted their exclusive interview with two of the surviving members of Type O Negative—and two of Steele’s sisters—on April 12th, two days before the anniversary. “In some measure, it felt empowering for us outsiders to have Peter Steele on our team. The world could keep its superhero fantasies. We have a real one,” commented Anso DF in the article. On the anniversary itself, Andso DF posted an announcement of a “lost interview” METALSUCKS had with Pete Steele in 2005 which remained previously unpublished until going live on April 14th, 2011.

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With so many fans coming forward to share their continued love of Pete SteeleÂ’s musical legacy, there is no doubt Type O NegativeÂ’s songs will live on far beyond the mortal minstrels who composed them.

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