‘Remodeled’ — CW Series Premiere Recap

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There’s a new modeling TV show on the block…and it’s called ‘Remodeled’. Fashion industry veteran Paul Fisher is somewhat of a modeling agency savior…or a Ty Pennington or a Gordon Ramsay, if you will, just with tailored clothes and a chip on his shoulder when it comes to models with no portfolios and modeling agency staff with no knowledge of the fashion industry. Fair enough.

So Mr. Fisher has started his own venture, The Network, which encompasses numerous small modeling agencies around the country, and he sets out to make sure they’re doing good business…so that everyone involved can make more money, including himself.

In this episode, he hits the agency Arquette & Associates in Minneapolis, MN with his assistant Joseph in tow, who so closely resembles a heavily pierced Derek Zoolander in mannerisms and facial expressions, he’s unintentionally hilarious. The Joseph-quote-of-the-day: “She’s got a latte to learn.”

Fisher is not far behind, though. A Fisher quote: “Models get stolen every single day.” (Referring to agencies like the Arquette agency, who had 16 models stolen by other agencies in the past year. Is anyone else picturing some tall, skinny girl being carried away in the dead of the night with a bag over her pretty head?)

Meanwhile, the rest of Fisher’s backup squad is trying to bring four new models to New York Fashion Week to help them make a name for themselves. Meghan, who has no modeling experience whatsoever, but a remarkable face. Mariana, “a huge star in Mexico”, trying to break in the U.S. market. Bobby, a 16-year-old rookie, kinda bummed he has to miss out on football season. And Annelise, with a distinct look and a gap between her teeth. She hits the wall in New York City, being shown up by Mariana at the proverbial walk-off, and getting no real response from agents. Fisher’s Backup Squad of Olga and JT decide to send her home. With a: “We’re so glad you were able to come”, of course, as if that matters when you just had your teenage dream crushed before it even started.

This first episode of ‘Remodeled’ also features Kaela Humphries, sister of Kris Humphries, who is a plus-size model to be signed by Arquette & Associates. Arquette owner Brita also interviews model Anne Marie, starting their conversation with the unforgettable line: “You’re not getting any younger…” which has Paul Fisher wanting to tear his hair out…if he had any.

He manages to get Arquette & Associates whipped into shape, though, with a renovated office, a whole new bunch of models to replace the stolen ones, shiny new model portfolios, and making Male Model Director Brian partner in the company.

‘Remodeled’ could turn into be an intriguing series, and for a reality show it promises to teach their audience a thing or two about the fashion industry. But if not, hey, you can always watch it for the funny quotes. Tuesdays, 9/8c on CW.

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