Rep. Maxine Waters to Tea Party: “Go Straight to Hell” (Video)

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), who is certainly not known for pulling any punches, told the Tea Party to “go straight to hell” at a recent town hall meeting. Rep. Waters has been ubiquitous lately, showing up on various cable news shows as she tours with the Congressional Black Caucus, doling out criticism for just about everyone. She’s criticized the President for compromising too much with the Tea Party, and for not making a point to visit black communities on his recent bus tour. As she turns her anger toward the Tea Party, despite it being warranted, one does have to wonder if Dennis Kucinich is on vacation and prompting Maxine Waters to take over his usual position as token left-wing extremist.

Someone who has been an elected official as long as Rep. Waters has–she has the distinction of being the most senior-ranking African-American woman in the entire legislative branch–should have somewhere along the line learned that you don’t tell your political opponents to go to hell on a public platform, no matter how ridiculous those opponents may be. This town hall meeting was about jobs, but with her level of experience in politics, Maxine Waters should not have been surprised as to what the media sound byte turned out to be after that outburst. This kind of distraction does not help the cause the congresswoman claims is making her so passionate: getting Americans back to work.

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