Repeal Gun Control Laws, Lower Crime

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Remember what former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley said about Chicago gun control laws? He said if courts removed those laws, if people could once again carry hand guns in Chicago, it would be “a return to the wild west”. He was wrong. Dozens of liberals, including mayors from all around the country were wrong. But they don’t want you to know they were wrong.

Liberals said lots of things about losing the precious gun control laws. They predicted higher crime rates including murder, and general lawlessness. But the numbers say they were wrong. Crime in D.C. and Chicago, including violent crime, are far down since citizens recovered the right to bear arms.

Don’t expect much about that in the media. Law abiding citizens with guns defend themselves from criminals, but liberals and criminals hate guns. Criminals especially hate guns in the hands of their intended victims. Crime rates plummet because potential criminals don’t know who might have a gun.

Liberals love gun control laws that remove the constitutional right to bear arms. One reason is your stupidity. Just as you’re too stupid to plan your own retirement, manage you own health care, or choose the right light bulbs, you’re too stupid to handle a gun. Liberals think a citizen with a gun says “which end do them bullets come out?”

People must limit gun control laws. If they become too sweeping, then just like an overly large government, gun control laws rule our lives and limit our freedom.

P.S. If an amendment changed the right to bear arms into the right to arm bears, liberals would love it. Then polar bears could defend themselves against evil SUV driving humans.

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