Report: Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt to reunite at Oscars; Angelina Jolie ‘Furious’!

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Brad Pitt has been getting a lot of Academy Award buzz for his performance in Moneyball. But on Oscar night, everyone could be talking about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston instead.

The ex-spouses have been asked by their mutual friend Brett Ratner, who is producing the Oscars telecast next year, to present an award together—and they’re considering it, Now Magazine is reporting.

“Brett knows that getting them on the podium together will make the ceremony the most talked-about one ever,” a “source” dishes to the mag.

It would definitely be a ratings bonanza if producers could actually pull it off—and if Brad Pitt defies Angelina Jolie and does it. The insider claims Angelina is none too happy Brad is considering the offer, but he’s “prepared to risk her wrath” because he wants to repair his friendship with Jennifer Aniston following his infamous Parade interview a few months back.

“They hate the fact that the world thinks they’re at war,” the source claims. “The only problem is that Ange will be furious. But Brad says that won’t stop him.”

ROFL at Brad Pitt standing up to Angelina Jolie as though she doesn’t have an iron grip on his balls! But seriously, there’s no way this will happen. Even if the offer has been made and Brad is considering it, Jennifer Aniston will never do it because that would mean she can’t play the victim card in the press anymore. And since “the world thinking they’re at war” is still the main way she gets publicity, she’s not going to give that up.

What do you think? Will Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reunite at the Academy Awards? Will Angelina Jolie ever allow that to happen? And do you remember how nervous Jennifer looked when she had to present an Oscar right in front of Brangelina a few years back (clip below)? Sound off in the comments!

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