Report: Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne have sex tape?

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Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne might have collaborated on something besides songs.

A sex tape featuring a woman who appears to be Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne is for sale, is reporting.

“The video, we were told is approximately 3 years old and it was taken by Lil Wayne,” according to the website. “The tape circulated amongst Weezy’s boys and found its way into the hands of some entrepreneurial HOOD DUDES.”

MTO says the group of New Orleans men wants $150,000 for the tape, which the website declined to pay, so it “may find its way onto another site.”

Nicki Minaj has been trying really hard to crack the A list, so if she’s the woman on the tape, normally we’d think she was behind the sale since leaking sex tapes has become an easy way to get some publicity (hey, it worked for Kim Kardashian!). But it’s unclear from the MTO report if she was aware she was taped. So this could totally be a case of Lil Wayne losing track of the tape and it falling into the wrong hands. But if a sex tape featuring these two does exist, you can definitely be sure, like MTO said, that we’ll be seeing it on another site!

What do you think? Could the woman on the tape be Nicki Minaj? Do you want to see a sex tape with Lil Wayne? And are you a fan of “Super Bass” (video below)? Sound off in the comments!

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