Report: Pippa Middleton’s Family Thinks Queen Elizabeth is ‘Selfish’!

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We are not amused! Queen Elizabeth II is “irate” that Pippa Middleton plans to write a party-planning book, and the Middleton family is hitting back by calling the elderly monarch “selfish,” The National Enquirer is reporting.

The problems started when the queen “scolded” Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, “telling her she had better get her family under control.”

“Queen Elizabeth was irate,” an “insider” dishes to the mag. “She feels the monarchy is all about donating their time to charity and giving back. She thinks Pippa — whose family owns an online party supply business — is trying to exploit her newfound fame and connections. Kate tried to explain that Pippa has always dreamed of writing a book on entertaining and that it has nothing to do with the media attention, but the Queen feels otherwise.”

There have been numerous reports since Pippa shot to fame after the wedding that the royal family is concerned she has been trying to cash in on her connection to them and wants her to keep a lower profile. But the Middletons, notorious social climbers, have “freaked out” and are claiming that the Queen is being unreasonable.

“Her parents and sister are miffed,” The Enquirer‘s source explains. “They feel it’s quite selfish for the Queen to assume that Pippa is using her new fame to make money. They told Kate to tell the Queen that while they very much respect the royal family, Pippa will write the book, come hell or high water.”

Yeah, an 85-year-old woman who has devoted her entire life to public service is really “selfish.” And openly defying the Queen’s wishes is hardly a sign of respect. If Pippa and the Middleton family are digging in their heels on something as minor as a party-planning book, though, that’s not a good sign as to how they’ll react to something that really matters in the future. The House of Windsor is famously dysfunctional, but it looks like Prince William might have married into a family that has its share of issues too!

What do you think? Is the Queen selfish? Are Pippa Middleton and her family being unreasonable? Sound off in the comments!

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