Reports: Cocaine Used in Prince Harry’s Las Vegas Hotel Room

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Prince Harry has dealt with a lot in the last week. Pictures came out of him naked in a Las Vegas hotel room, his girlfriend broke up with him over it, and now new reports share that drugs were used in his hotel room as well. Do you think the Prince was involved in illegal activity?

According to Radar Online, an eyewitness from the hotel room says that cocaine was being used while they were in the room and they saw it all going down. Everyone was drinking and doing drugs. As the news has already said, people were getting naked in the Las Vegas hotel room as well.

This witness does not want their name out, but they said that a lot of people used drugs before they got there and were also using them while in the room. There are also reports that a video from the wild night does exist, but has not been sold yet. If it comes out this could be really bad for the Prince.

Do you think that Prince Harry was involved in the drugs or just happened to be in the room? The witness does not mention that he was actually doing the drugs just that he was simply in the room where it was happening. Sound off on your thoughts of his wild night in the comments below.

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