Reports of Saudi National Arrest in Boston Marathon Explosions Denied by Police

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A Saudi National was arrested in connection with the Boston Marathon Explosions, which are so far known to be responsible for the death of two people, as well as causing over one hundred injuries, according to news reports. The reports of arrests are denied by police.

The sickening explosions took place just before 3:00 PM on Monday. The conflicting reporting in this time of chaos has already been abundant, but one news story by the New York Post has been flatly denied by police. The Post story was picked up by several other news outlets, which is one of the hazards of reporting before actual facts are determined. It is always important to clarify that the story is still developing.

The New York Post story in question reported that a 20-year-old Saudi National, badly burned, was arrested in connection with the case and is being held in the Boston Hospital. The article noted that how the individual came across his injuries was unclear and continues to say that “In addition, Boston police have surveillance video of someone bringing multiple backpacks to blast site, according to CBS News.” The NY Post also reported that an unnamed law enforcement official stated that 12 people were killed in the blast. This too conflicts with the majority of reporting.

According to live reporting by CNN, the police deny that there have been any arrests in the case. The strange thing is that the report was so specific. Where did the New York Post get this information? Is it possible that the story is actually true, but the police would prefer to investigate first before they make any announcements about suspects? Everything is speculation at this point.

Photo Source: AP via the New York Post

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