Republican Busted for Trying to Vote Twice

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Nevada republican voter Roxanne Rubin was arrested on Friday after she allegedly tried to vote twice—becoming one of the first people to reportedly commit voter fraud in this historic election. It seems that all of those voter suppression laws on the GOP’s side should reflect more on the activities of their own voter base—and not the disenfranchised Americans they are targeting.

Ruben was escorted out of the Riviera in cuffs on Friday, a couple of days after the reported incident where she had tried to vote twice in the same election for Mitt Romney. Taking advantage of early voting, the republican voter triggered an alert when her name showed up on the database when she attempted to vote twice in the same day at two different Las Vegas locations.

It’s reported that there doesn’t appear to be any conspiracy involved in this attempt, meaning it’s an isolated incident. Though it’s probably safe to say that Roxanne Rubin isn’t the only republican voter taking drastic measures at the ballot boxes. After all, the conservatives appear to be the ones so desperately wanting Obama out of the White House, and in the case of this Nevada voter it seems that those drastic measures include committing felony crimes while drawing negative attention to the entire party.

The woman claims that the database is mistaken, but judging by the reaction of officials in this case, that just doesn’t seem likely. The state of Nevada is cracking down on voter fraud, and it’s refreshing to see that the people being caught for committing this crime are none other than those in support of suppression laws.

Photo: Las Vegas Sun

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