Republican Governors, the Tea Party and Unemployment

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Seventeen Republican Governors were elected in 2010 to head their states in an historic election that President Obama referred to as a “shellacking.” The Congress gained 60 seats and have proven themselves to be effective “obstructionists” of terrible policies.

“Initially dismissed by both Democrat and Republican elites, the Tea Party quickly emerged as the real power behind the throne,” as reported by D. Eric Williams of Yahoo.

The article hailed the Tea Party at the time of the election:

“Accused of racism, local Tea Party voters ignored the charge – and nominated Americans of every ethnic background, based on political philosophy not race or culture. Mark Rubio in Florida, Raul Labrador in Idaho, Allen West in Florida and so on – gained the backing of the Tea Party due to their commitment to limited government and the God given right to individual liberty.”

Unemployment in Republican-led States

As one of the major concerns at the time was the economy and unemployment, the Examiner’s Robert Elliott did an analysis of the numbers.

Rick Scott by Gage SkidmoreIt turns out that every state with a Republican governor has seen a decrease in unemployment since January 2011. The drop in the unemployment rate in newly Republican-led states averaged at 1.35 percent, and since the national average of decline was 0.9 percent, “it can be said that the job market in states with new Republican governors is improving a full 50 percent faster than the job market nationally.”

The states with the highest drops in unemployment were Michigan at 2.4 percent, Florida at 2.3 percent, and Nevada at 2.2 percent.

President Obama recently lamented that the GOP Governors were “not giving his administration credit for turning around state economies.” and went on to say that he needed a second term to implement his policies, as if Mitt Romney and the Republicans are elected, they will “wipe” away his progress.

The president said during a recent interview at WILD 94.1 in Tampa,

“I’ve noticed as I’ve traveled around the country there are a lot of Republican governors who are starting to take credit for improvements in the economy except when I show up and then suddenly they think we had nothing to do with it.”

The article states that the president also joked that his dog has a better approval rating than he does.

Of course, the Tea Party is still accused of racism, and they are even accused of being capable of “potential violence”; but they go on standing for their beliefs anyway. Perhaps they have learned that it is just in the nature of some who prefer to name-call when they don’t get their way.

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