Republican Wrassling match continues.

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1. (CNN) – Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer announced his resignation on a conference call with reporters Tuesday, accusing his conservative critics of being purists who are “shredding and tearing the fabric” of the GOP.

For months, Greer has been assailed by GOP activists accuse him of mismanaging party finances and favoring Gov. Charlie Crist in his Senate primary bid against Marco Rubio, the more conservative former House Speaker.

Greer said his opponents want to “burn the house down and destroy the Republican Party.”

2.  (CNN) – South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham defended his record as a consensus-builder on Tuesday and said the Lexington County Republican Party’s decision to censure him on Monday was the work of a few angry Ron Paul supporters intent on purifying the GOP.

The resolution, which censured Graham for supporting the 2008 financial bailout and working towards a compromise on cap-and-trade legislation, passed Monday night by a 13-7 vote.

The effort by Tea Party Republicans to apply a litmus test to all GOP politicians continues. “You’re not conservative enough, you are a RINO, Republican in Name Only. You must be eliminated, and replaced by a fire eating purist.”

I made the quotation up, but it does represent a broad tendency. We will be seeing lots of this over the course of 2010.


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