Republicans Cutting Deal to Pass Tax Breaks for Wealthy?

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Republicans who took over the House swore they would not extend unemployment benefits unless the funding could be accounted for.  Early reports on the concurrent issue of the Bush-era tax cuts is that they are most likely going to be passed for all income levels.  The New York Times reported that “[m]any Democrats are enraged that Republicans have so far blocked the effort to extend jobless aid, and are insisting on offsetting the cost even as they refuse to offset the lost revenue from the tax cuts.” 

Although Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) gave lip service in “reiterate[ing] the Republican contention that the cost [of long-term unemployment benefits] should be offset with reductions in spending elsewhere,” this has become very secondary as his prime motive of guaranteeing an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% is well within reach.

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 30: House Speaker-designate John Boehner (R-OH) (C) is flanked by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)(L) and House Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor (R-VA) (R) while participating in a media briefing after GOP leaders met at the White House with U.S. President Barack Obama on November 30, 2010 in Washington, DC. In their first face-to-face meeting the leaders hoped to make progress in a compromise over the expiring Bush tax cuts. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

The tangible hypocrisy of the Republicans is disgusting.  They are willing to hold hostage unemployment benefits which primarily help citizens in times of dire economic stress on the dubious concern of funding, all the while pushing for an extension of tax cuts for the wealthy of which the estimated 10-year cost is $4 trillion!  If the cuts are extended even for two years the tax cuts given to the wealthy would be $800 billion, nearly equal the stimulus package.

For all of these conservatives and Tea Party supporters who duplicitously voted for and supported strongly the Bush stimulus package in 2008 (and are now claiming it to be a monster of the Democrats!) are egotistically pushing for another “stimulus package” for the wealthy—a package that will not insure the appropriate levels of spending nor investment touted.  Moreover, apparently unbeknown to these GOP supporters, or more likely, just crass carelessness of other citizens, this “stimulus package” will wreak devastating damage on those people who need help most as either cuts will be made or debt will be intensified.

But alas, moral justification will be pandered as the victims will ineluctably be blamed by their laziness, out-datedness, lack of vigor, feelings of superiority, sexual illicitness, illiterateness, lack of education, and so on ad infinitum and ad nauseam as the real cause of their current (or long-term) state of economic incertitude.  The Republican agenda sinisterly plays on important values of local autonomy and the family and rugged individualism that deludes many people into thinking the Republicans actually fight for these values.  Is it not blatantly obvious with their double-speak for whom and for what they really fight?

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