Republicans Running Out of Things to Criticize, Attack Obama’s Christmas Card

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Sarah Palin and other Republicans attacked President Obama’s annual holiday card, saying that it didn’t emphasize Christmas enough, and that it put too much focus on the family’s dog rather than “family, faith and freedom.”

Republicans took issue with the design of the card, which had no tree, and used the dreaded H-word: “holidays.” The text on the card says, “From our family to yours, may your holidays shine with the light of the season.” Americans across the country have heard the rhetoric that Christianity is under attack in this country, so this must prove it. Obviously Obama is just perpetuating the anti-Christian sentiments with this cheerful holiday… Christmas card, rather.

The battle against Christianity in America is a war that only remains relevant by the commendably persistent efforts of Christians, primarily in the right wing media, to convince everyone else that it actually exists. With a lack of actual evidence to support these claims, things occasionally need to be made up to support them, but only when it fits partisan efforts. Considering the long list of un-Christmast-y cards that have been sent out from previous administrations (Bush and Reagan included), it’s a wonder the design choices of Christmas cards hasn’t been in the spotlight more often.

In a country where Obama is a socialist Marxist un-Christian anti-American non-citizen, it’s only fitting that his choice of Christmas card designs would come under attack. However, this effort to create something out of nothing probably won’t get very far. With tax increases looming, the controversial NDAA provision being signed, SOPA threatening to ruin the internet and an economy to fix, Americans have more important things to worry about than a dog in front of a fireplace.

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