Republicans to Vote on Expanding Visas

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Immediately following the presidential election earlier this month, pundits and GOP leaders began to insist that Republicans had to address immigration reform if they were going to have any hope of winning over Hispanics in the future. As reported by Newsmax, words are quickly being put into action, as Republicans plan to vote on immigration legislation next week which includes expanding visas to science, technology, engineering and mathematics students. According to The Wall Street Journal, this bill, which is being called the STEM Jobs ACT, also features as a provision “allowing the families of those with green cards to wait for their own green cards while in the U.S.”

House majority leader, Eric Cantor of Virginia, is one of STEM’s biggest supporters. His spokeswoman referred to the bill as “family friendly,” pointing out how beneficial it would be to spouses and minor children who would normally be separated from their families for lengthy periods of time.

In light of Republicans’ eagerness to court Hispanic voters, this bill will probably pass the House. Compared to the extreme measures many Republicans are advocating, including amnesty, this bill seems very reasonable. However, there is no guarantee that STEM will make it through the Democratic-controlled Senate during the short lame-duck session.

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