‘Resident Evil 6′ Demo Hits Consoles Ahead of Release Date

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A new “Resident Evil 6″ demo hit consoles for interested gamers just a few days ago. While that’s good news for those owning the Microsoft Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation 3, there isn’t great news for those with a PC awaiting a release date for the game.

Product DetailsAs reported by GameSpot.com, the newest “Resident Evil” installment will hit stores in the real world and online in just a few weeks. However, the PC version won’t be out for a bit longer. The latest report indicates that the console versions were developed first in order to give a “final codebase” as a starting point for the PC version of the game.

Capcom’s senior Vice President Christian Svensson said while addressing a belief some gamers have that Capcom doesn’t give enough effort to PC titles:

“Projects like this you guys seem to think are ‘trivial’ but they are not. When they get treated as trivial, you end up with Resident Evil 4 PCÂ… which I don’t think too many true fans were pleased with.”

Meanwhile, video game fans who own the PS3 or Xbox 360 were informed a few days ago that the “Resident Evil 6″ demo was available for download. The Cinema Blend website reported that Xbox Gold members had access to the game as soon as two days ago, while PlayStation 3 owners could all enjoy the game once the storefront was updated. Unfortunately, Xbox 360 owners without the Gold subscription service won’t get the demo until 9/25.

The official “Resident Evil 6″ release date will be October 2nd for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It’ll be available in three formats: standard, anthology, and archives, allowing fans to determine how much they want to pay for the popular zombie shooting game. Buyers who pre-order the game on Amazon receive a special $10 credit and bonus of an exclusive “Mercenaries” stage they can play on the game.

It sounds like this latest title should be even more fun and more challenging than any previous titles in the series, with zombies about to run and jump at players, as well as shoot. Zombies aren’t normally known for their running, but maybe the species has evolved. Then again, video games have come a long way since classics like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

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