‘Resistance: The Trilogy’ Release Date Shown on Amazon France, Though Date Has Not Yet Been Announced

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Resistance: The Trilogy for PS3 has been much-anticipated, but Sony has not yet announced the official release date. However, Amazon France has already posted it for sale with a release date of May 15, 2012. Likely, this means that it will be released here in North America on the same date.

Slips like this are not at all unheard of in the gaming industry, though usually when caught, the seller who posted it will immediately take it down. In this case, the posting remains live on Amazon France.

This is expected to be the final addition to the Resistance series, though the franchise itself will continue expanding under the guidance of Nihilistic and Sony. Most likely, Sony will chime in some time today with the official release date announcement.

Currently the price listed for Resistance: The Trilogy is €59.99 or $79.99. Likely, the price will end up being $59.99 in the American market as well. The bundle includes Resistance: The Fall of Man, Resistance 2, and Resistance 3, all first person shooters, popular in their own right.

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