‘Restaurant: Impossible’ Recap ‘Michele’s’ on Food Network

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Restaurant: Impossible is a super makeover for restaurant owners hosted by world-renown chef, Robert Irvine. Robert visits restaurants ready to close, to help them turn their business into a profitable one. With the help from his design team and master carpenter, a budget of $10,000 and two days, they transform tired restaurants with bad food and owners who have lost their way into almost new businesses. Robert pulls no punches and does not hesitate to tell owners the truth, no matter how much it hurts.File:Robert Irvine.jpg

This episode, Robert and his crew are in Corry, Pennsylvania to meet with the owners of Michele’s Restaurant, husband and wife, Michele and Andy Sventek who purchased the place on a whim. Their lack of experience set them on a path to destruction.

Michele does most of the work in the restaurant and knows that they should hire a cook, but she is too picky. Their life savings is invested and the loss would devastate them. In two days, Robert will be redesigning the place and giving them a crash course in Restaurant 101.

Michele has never been a good cook and if not for Andy’s contractor business, they would be on the street. While Robert was there, food was being sent back like an assembly line. When Robert talked to the staff, they told him that Andy is very critical of Michele and the staff and yells quite a bit and demeans his wife in front of the staff.

When the design team came in, they decided on a theme and put the act in motion. As the design team transformed the place into a place where customers would be happy to eat instead of the drab surroundings they had. Then Robert tested three chefs to cook their best and one was the winner and now the new chef of Michele’s. Robert also gave Andy a taste of his own medicine by demeaning him for his work and showed him how it feels to be on the receiving end of criticism.

When Michele and Andy saw their new restaurant, they were in awe and both had tears in their eyes. Tom and Taniya were thrilled that they loved their work. The grand opening was a huge success and crowds like never before were celebrating the new restaurant with much gratitude to Robert and his crew of Restaurant: Impossible.

Photo of Robert Irvine: Wikimedia Commons Dimensions in Blue with Chef Robert Irvine at the Air Force 60th Anniversary Ball, Sheppard Air Force Base, TX

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