‘Restaurant: Impossible’ Recap ‘Pollard’s Bar-B-Que’ Memphis, Tennessee

Restaurant: Impossible is hosted by master chef and restaurateur Robert Irvine who comes to the rescue of restaurants about to go close their doors. Armed with just $10,000 and a crew of worker bees, they have just two days to complete the rescue. Today he comes to Pollard’s Bar-B-Que in Memphis, a town where barbeque is king.

The Pollard family is in desperate need of help from Robert. Fifteen years ago, the family ran a catering business and took their life savings and invested it in a larger place, but things were not working out, and if it fails, they lose their home, their investment, and everything.

They are $280,000 in debt and admitted to Robert that their last business was not all that profitable, either. What made them think they could do better in a different and larger location?

Robert ordered some food and was not happy with it. They reheat the food in a microwave, and much of the other items are frozen. Tarrance bragged about his barbeque sauce that was handed down from his grandfather. All Robert can taste of the sauce is sugar.

Tom Bury is doing double duty because the designer, Tanya, is ill, but fortunately she can offer suggestions by phone and gives Tom all the help she can give without being there.

Robert finds out that the secret recipe is a bottled sauce with extra ingredients added to it. Robert made sauce and a rub and pitted his against Tarrance’s ribs and waited for the finished product. When the ribs were done, both his wife and daughter liked Robert’s ribs the best.

Robert talks to Toria, Tarrance’s wife, and tells her that he knows the problem with Tarrance is denial. He agrees with her that he will pay a surprise visit to their home in the morning and please not to tell. But when Robert got there, Tarrance would not see him. Robert told Toria that he would be at the restaurant for one more hour, and if Tarrance did not come, he would quit fixing the restaurant.

In less than an hour, Tarrance finally arrived, and both he and Robert felt disrespected. Robert was called in to help, and Tarrance is too stubborn to realize where the fault lies. After a few minutes with Robert, Tarrance is now willing to accept his help and promises to keep his end of the bargain.

Robert took the menu and trimmed it down and gave Terrance a way to save money and make more with the fresh finished products. The inside of the restaurant was looking great… until the lights went out. There were lines of people waiting for the grand reopening of Pollard’s. The lights were fixed, and the family awaited the first view of the interior and nearly dropped to the floor in disbelief. They were thrilled, and Tarrance now had a menu he could handle. After Robert’s visit, the restaurant has seen an increase of about 20% and no longer about to lose their home thanks to Robert Irvine and Restaurant: Impossible.

Photo of Robert Irvine: Wikimedia

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