‘Restaurant: Impossible’ Recap ‘Zandi’s Grill’ on Food Network

“Restaurant: Impossible” is for restaurant owners hosted by renown chef, Robert Irvine. Robert goes to restaurants that are failing to help them turn their business into a profitable one with the help from his design team and master carpenter. With a budget of $10,000 and two days, they transform tired restaurants with bad food and owners who have lost their way into viable establishments. Robert pulls no punches and does not hesitate to tell owners the truth, no matter how much it hurts.

This episode brings Robert and his crew to Millersville, Maryland to meet with owners and sisters Yvonne and Evette. They previously owned a restaurant and bar on a marina, but the land was sold out from under them. Now they are in a remote location and even the locals do not know where they are. The food is nothing to write home about, and the decor leaves much to be desired. They are in debt and ready to close the doors. Robert started his rant because they seem to have given up. Now he has to set his plan into motion.

The food is bland and has no discerning spices and Robert plans to change it. The staff grabs everything and empties the place from wall to wall as Taniya gets to work with the design and Tom starts with covering the tropical mural. Then after trying to train the part-time cooks, they decided to find another cook with just one day to do it.

The next day two applicants come in to cook and Robert tests their skills. The first guy takes 20 minutes to make an omelet, the second one makes the best omelet in less time and is hired. Robert changed the menu and made it a burger and milkshake restaurant with bright colors on the inside and fixed the floor, and eliminated the tropical theme. When the sisters saw the new place, they were amazed and the patrons waiting to eat were so excited and loved the new menu. Robert got to give the cooks a bit of a pep talk when the orders were overwhelming and left there a happy and satisfied mentor.

After a short time, the sales were up 39% and the went from 30 to 70 customers per day. Plans are in the works for this breakfast and lunch restaurant to start serving meals in the evening too thanks to Robert Irvine and “Restaurant: Impossible.”

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