Restaurant in Japan Fines Guests for Not Finishing Meal

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A seafood restaurant located in Sapporo, Japan called Hachikyo is actually charging customers who do not finish every bite of their meal. The restaurant owners’ intention is to honor the fishermen who put themselves in danger and risk their lives to provide the food. When customers order Hachikyo’s signature dish, the tsukko meshi, a bowl of rice topped with salmon roe, it is explained to them that they are forbidden to leave even one grain of rice in their bowl. Those who dare to not finish the meal are required to give a donation, according to Yahoo. The policy is printed right on the menu.

Though the price of tsukko meshi is the equivalent of about $20, the size of the fine is not clear. But according to the Gawker, the restaurant says it is unusual for anyone to not finish their tsukko meshi. One has to wonder if so many customers clean their plates because the food is delicious or because they don’t want to pay the fine.

It seems that every other day, there are odd headlines about Japanese restaurants. Besides being one of the great culinary destinations of the world, Japan seems to be a very adventurous place to have a meal.

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