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sagging shutters – hapless gutters

peeling paint – damning plaint

critters come and go at will

unwanted tenants still

former grandness up and gone

overgrown lawn

her heyday bygone day

Boston ivy run amok – down on her luck

windowpanes now dark and dead

once blaring life into the night

music and laughter echoed from rafters

awaiting her fate – is it too late

what caused her sad decline

was it merely Time

grande dame of the neighborhood in her day

she ruled the view with graceful drive – alert – alive

wrought iron railings, landscaped finery

stately eaves and porticos

pristine trim – stately Georgian prim

defeated ‘fore me now

mere shadow of former grandeur

a fixer, me

a man with a plan – tools in hand

she’s paid her dues

this dowager with worn out shoes

with jack, hammer, paintbrush and saw

her potential in mind putty in my hands

love in my heart (my favorite part)

with patience and pride, I reveal what she hides

her heartbeat returns – life through yon window burns

once more laughter rings – in elation she sings

a hymn to her soul’s restoration

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