Restore, Defeat, Defund, Repeal – The Steps to Taking Back America

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Restore, Defeat, Defund, Repeal – The Steps to Taking Back America

by Marilyn Mackenzie



While I was away visiting my Mom, an email came in from Dick Morris about how to get rid of Obama/Pelosicare.


It’s a pretty simple process, but one that we need to focus on beginning NOW.


1)  Restore cuts to Medicare and block the reduction of physicians’ fees by 21% scheduled to take affect in the fall.  Many doctors already do not take Medicare or Medicaid because the fees are too low.  And now they want to lower them?

2)  Defeat all Democrats in the fall.    As Morris says, Start with the traitors who voted no in November and then switched to a shameful yes when it counted in March: Baird (Washington), Nye (Virginia), Kosmas and Boyd (Florida), Then go on to win the open seats in the House and Senate. And then fight to replace as many Democrats as possible.”


3) Defund the bill. Again in Dick Morris’ words, Once we get the majority in both chambers, defund appropriations for the Obamacare program. The bill passed by the Congress and signed by the president is simply an authorization measure. Funds must be appropriated for it each year by Congress. Through zero funding these changes, we can cripple them before they take full effect.”


4) Repeal the bill.Once sanity is restored in the House and Senate, we can make sure the bill is repealed.  Then, we can also see the bill replaced by the Republican alternative bill, which is all about real reform and relies on the marketplace, tax incentives, and individual responsibility.


Read the rest here:  Responding to Obamacare



In another email I received while I was away, Dick Morris names the traitors.


These deceitful men and women voted “no” when their votes didn’t count in November of 2009, seeking to fool us into believing that they had our interests at heart. But, when push came to shove and their votes counted, they switched and ran their true colors up the flagpole and voted yes.

Yes for a $500 billion cut in Medicare. Yes for federal bureaucrats deciding who gets care and who dies. Yes for raising Medicaid eligibility and making states pay for it, forcing tax increases throughout the nation. Yes for big hikes in federal income and capital gains taxes. Yes for making young people pay $8500 for an individual and $12,500 for a family to buy health insurance way beyond their needs…or fining them 2.5% of their incomes for failing to do so…or for prison time if they do neither. Yes for taxing medical devices like arterial stents, prosthetic limbs, and automated wheelchairs. Yes for slashing subsidies to Medicare Advantage for the elderly. Yes for rationing of health care as the number of patients grows while the population of doctors shrinks.


Click here for their names: Out With The Traitors


And today, Morris explains why it’s important to put more Republicans in the House and Senate in November:


So if Republicans take the House (where appropriations have to originate) – and especially if they also take the Senate – they will have the capacity to zero fund Obamacare, appropriating not a dime for it in their spending bills. Indeed, they can and should include a specific amendment to their appropriations bills banning the expenditure of any of the funds on Obama’s health care program.


Zero Fund Obamacare



We can do this.  We can see that Obama/Pelosicare is defeated.  Remember the steps mentioned above:  Restore, Defeat, Defund, Repeal – The Steps to Taking Back America.


We won’t be able to sit at home and complain.  We’ll have to write letters, make calls, find candidates who will stand tall against Obama/Pelosicare.  And we’ll have to make sure we get to the polls.  But we can defeat this horrible bill.  Yes we can!




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