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Perhaps you heard about the Restore Stephen Baldwin campaign somewhere on TV or online. Perhaps, like many others, you heard about this at the end of South Park. But what exactly is it all about?

Stephen Baldwin, one fourth of the famous Baldwin brothers, is the focus of a new campaign to save him from the threats of bankruptcy. Wait, a famous Hollywood actor is facing bankruptcy? Apparently so. The reports are that Baldwin, a recent convert to Evangelical Christianity lost jobs and his place in the public eye because he’s been speaking out about God.

Just take a moment to absorb that before we move on. Stephen Baldwin feels he’s being shunned because he speaks out about God. How many stars in Hollywood have done the same? Without a specific count here, I’d wager a guess that the number was quite large, yet it’s Baldwin that’s being shunned for doing just that? Moreover, he’s being shunned to such an extent that he’s unable to find work and is being threatened by bankruptcy.

Enter, a website created to do just that – restore Stephen Baldwin to his former glory. Now mind you Stephen did not create this site and he’s had nothing to do with it. Instead it’s created with the permission of Daniel Southern, Baldwin’s spiritual advisor and president of his ministry. The site states that Baldwin had no part in the site either in it’s formation or the planning of it. The site and the video produced to promote the site, compare Baldwin to to a modern-day Job, the biblical figure who lost his family and wealth but remained faithful to God.

So, Baldwin comes from a big Hollywood family, why don’t they help him out of the clutches of bankruptcy? Well, according to the Q&A section of the site, they His family does not perceive Stephen’s predicament as a matter of spiritual warfare. They see Stephen’s outspoken Christianity as poor choices therefore they will not help. So how exactly his 2002 conversion to religion affected his ability to secure acting jobs? The site claims that when he became an outspoken Christian in 2002 his income went down by 70% when he refused roles with gratuitous sex and violence. I can believe that as most roles in films do seem to have one or the other.

Still, how much money does Baldwin need? Apparently millions, again according to the site’s Q&A section. They claim that without this money, Baldwin lacks influence in Hollywood, which worships wealth, and is now seen as a ‘loser’ (their words, not mine) in Hollywood and are no longer an effective influence among that group.

Restore Stephen Baldwin’s aim is to bring in donations to help restore the actor to popularity so he can spread Christianity to the masses. So, how much has been donated, anyway? A very small amount. “Right now, it’s more curiosity,” Daniel Southern said.

Here’s the You Tube video promoting the site.


What do you all think about this? I have to admit I’m not a fan of the Baldwins, but I always kinda liked Stephen. Even still, it seems a bit far-fetched that he’s being shunned based on anything other than his choice not to do roles with gratuitous sex and violence. While he has every right to choose roles that fit his beliefs, this means the majority of movie and television roles will now be out of his grasp. Tragic for one that needs to live like the rest of us, but that’s of his own doing.

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