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Alrighty, getting to the ferry from Medan to Belawan was a madhouse. I swear, there are only two nations on this planet that try my patience: India and Indonesia. It was nuts. The ferry was supposed to leave Belawan at 1000am. Of course, our bus arrived at 1100. The ferry left at 1230. I don't have the energy to explain the entire process, actually, it's easy: there is none. No organization, nothing. Just chaos, people shouting for your boarding pass, passport, departure tax receipt among other things. The customs people could care less who goes where and the same goes for passport control. Chaos!

Alas, I made it back to Malaysia and am now in hot and humid Penang. I miss the cool breezes of Toba already.

So, now I will diddle around Malaysia for a week or so awaiting my ship to India, hoping in the meantime that India and Pakistan don't go at each other's throats. Oh well, if they do I'll just head up to Kathmandu in Nepal and watch the drama unfold from there.

In the meantime, I may head to the North Eastern Islands of Malaysia, or I might go back to Melaka, or maybe even the Cameron Highlands and do 'tea-time' British Colonial style. We'll see.

I think I'll take a shower now.

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